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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Beds for a Surge Response | Cache Conversion


Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: How many times can the Cool Cube™ be opened?Answer: A lot. Unlike a fridge that when opened cold air escapes out the bottom and warm air enters from the top, the Cool Cube™ has a top-open design. When opened, the cool air stays down within the unit while Read More

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Triage & Treat On-Scene | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Beds for a Medical Surge

On Scene Treatment and Triage

Triage & Treat On-SceneMCI Disaster PlanningPrevent and mitigate “scoop and run” scenarios that could overwhelm or disrupt the care capacity of your healthcare system. A VeriCor Triage & Treatment System is easily managed and equipped with the resources responders will use to triage AND treat victims of a mass casualty incident (MCI). Color-coded mobile cases Read More

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Cool Cube™ Insulation | Patient Surge Beds & Racks | Train & Exercise for MCI Scenarios

say no to frozen bottles Cool Cube™ Insulation

Cool Cube™ InsulationVIPs are a Very Important PartSome coolers are bulky & heavy. Others cannot hold a temperature for more than one hour. Cool Cube™ PCM coolers solve both problems. At just 1″ thick, the vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) of a Cool Cube™ insulate better than 3.3″ of polyurethane — the insulation found in other Read More

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Loggers for VFC | Responding to Hep A | Medical Surge Beds

Loggers for VFC

Loggers for VFCProvide Safe Vaccines for ChildrenThe VFC (Vaccines for Children) Program provides vaccines to children in need. No matter how good VeriCor Cool Cubes™ perform, the VFC program will always require proof of an effective cold chain. So whether it is to meet the requirements of state guidelines, or (if nothing else) as an Read More

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Cool Cubes™ | Support They Can Rest On | MCI Scenario Training

Cool Cubes™The Ultimate Cooler w/ Pack-Out?A common question: Can Cool Cubes™ be opened? Answer: Yes. Recently during a 3-day period, a VT-100 was logged as being opened 56 times over the 82 hours it was in a warm, humid room. While it is no surprise to us, product inside the Cool Cube™ 100 at Fridge Read More