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Alternate Care Sites (ACS)

Health emergencies have the potential to overwhelm local healthcare systems. It is anticipated that communities may need to expand their healthcare delivery system to one that includes the role of an alternate care site. An Alternate Care Site (ACS) is a temporary medical system that provides low acuity care during a public health emergency. VeriCor’s ACS System is mobile and robust enough that it can be established near an emergency, or it can expand an existing medical facility in the event of a sudden patient surge. VeriCor’s ACS modules allow you to build an Alternate Care Site to your specifications. A 25-bed, 96-hour demand planning methodology was used to create each module, although they may be scaled according to what you need. Once delivered to you, the system is swift to mobilize and deploy, intuitively organized so staff can access vital equipment and supplies efficiently, and quick to demobilize at the end of the training exercise or operation.

Have a complete Response-Friendly® ACS System ready in 4 easy steps…

Step 1: Determine the scope of care you want…how robust do you want it?
Step 2: Have a VeriCor representative design it…mix & match from 29 standard modules (+ custom).
Step 3: Take delivery and store…it’s ready to respond.
Step 4: Review, train and deploy the Response-Friendly® System with the intuitive SmartBook™. (What’s a SmartBook™?)

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Administrative Support – Coordinate and supervise daily field operations.
Airway Management – Facilitate basic and advanced airway management.
Assistive Devices – Assist patients with physical disabilities or injuries.
Emergency Care – Manage arrest situations, immobilization, OB delivery and traction.
Examination – Monitor vital signs and carry out physical exams.
Eye Ear Nose Throat – Perform eye exams, epistaxis control, foreign body removal and bandaging.
Facility Support – Cleanup and maintain the ACS environment.
GI/GU Adult – Conduct nasogastric/urethral catheter insertion and ostomy care for adults.
GI/GU Pediatric – Conduct pediatric nasogastric/urethral catheter insertion.
Intravenous Therapy Adult – Administer fluid hydration and antibiotics to adults.
Intravenous Therapy Pediatric – Administer fluid hydration and antibiotics to pediatric patients.
Laboratory – Perform phlebotomy and point-of-care testing (POCT).
Maintenance Tools – Accomplish routine repairs and maintenance.
Medical Equipment – Provide patients and staff durable equipment.
Medical Facility Support – Carry out biohazard containment and cleanup.
Medical Monitoring – Accommodate 12-lead ECG, cardioversion, defibrillation, pacing, SpO2 and NIBP.
Medication Administration – Administer IV, IM, PO, SC and PR medications.
Orthopedics – Stabilize and treat injuries of the musculoskeletal system.
Oxygen Supply Palletized – Store, transport and distribute oxygen to bedsides.
Oxygen Supply Trailerized – Store, transport and distribute oxygen to bedsides; configured into a trailer (sold separately).
Patient Care Adult – Facilitate adult care and hygiene.
Patient Care Bariatric – Facilitate bariatric care and hygiene.
Patient Care Essentials – Provide patients with essential consumable supplies.
Patient Care Pediatric – Facilitate pediatric feeding and bathing.
Respiratory Therapy – Administer oxygen and inhalation therapy.
Staff Personal Protective Equipment – Protect staff during ACS operations.
Suction – Conduct oral, endotracheal and gastrointestinal suctioning.
Surgical – Perform single and dual-layer wound closure, stapling, I&D and cautery.
Wound Care – Treat and manage minor burns, lacerations, punctures, abrasions and abscesses.

SmartBook™ Operations Manual

At the core of every VeriCor Alternate Care Site is the SmartBook™ Operations Manual.  The SmartBook™ is a system guide with pictures of all cases and modules, as well as inventory lists and vital information for the system.

The SmartBook™ makes deployment of our Response-Friendly® Systems efficient, and auditing and replenishment of supplies convenient.

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