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Patient Surge Systems

Patient Surge Systems (Mobile Hosp)

Emergency Room set up in Gym - Patient Surge SystemsPatient Surge Systems are temporary medical systems that provide additional treatment area(s) with a minimum specific level of care for patients. They are established at sites where no medical care is usually provided, or at medical facilities where the usual scope of medical services does not normally include large-scale urgent care or traditional inpatient services.

VeriCor’s Response-Friendly™ Patient Surge Systems are mobile and robust enough to be established near an emergency, or expand to an existing medical facility in the event of a sudden patient surge. They increase patient capacity quickly and efficiently and enable healthcare providers to render immediate care in the event of a disaster. The Response-Friendly™ systems are complete, organized, mobile systems that are managed via a SmartBook™ for easy training, effortless replenishment and rapid deployment.

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Response-Friendly™ Systems

A Response-Friendly™ System creates a striking difference from the typical preparedness stockpile of supplies and performs in a way health care providers, logisticians and ultimately patients want it to. Proprietary software determines the equipment and supplies required for the client. Then, all equipment and supplies are intuitively organized, packaged and labeled. Finally, it is all brought together with a dynamic manual to create a Response-Friendly™ System that is ready to respond.

  • Complete – ready to deploy upon arrival
  • Meticulous Organization – decreases response times and increases efficiency
  • Correct Equipment – facilitates effective patient care
  • Comprehensive Labeling – accelerates deployment, management and training
  • Complete Inventory List – simplifies management (recalls, expiration dates)
  • Intuitive SmartBook™ – improves staff training, quickens deployment practices and decreases time managing the system

The SmartBook™

At the core of every VeriCor Response-Friendly™ System is the SmartBook™.  The SmartBook™ is a guide with pictures of the modules in the system, the cases and components of the modules, and the drawers and organization of the cases. The inventory lists are comprehensive as well, from individual drawer supplies to system-wide components. The SmartBook™ makes Response Friendly™ System deployment efficient, auditing comprehensive and replenishment easy.

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