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Medical Supply Cache Conversion by VeriCor Medical Systems

Medical Cache Conversion

Mess of boxesHealth care preparedness is a collaboration between key health care organizations and associations to develop and enhance hospital and other health care entities’ capacity and capability to respond to terrorism, natural disasters and other public health emergencies. Equipment and supply trailers, interoperable communication systems, and medical surge caches are essential.

Trailer of boxes pulling inA Medical Cache Conversion pre-positions personal protective equipment and durable medical supplies which can be utilized by area healthcare systems involved in emergency medical care. But what good is a cache if it’s not ready to respond? All too often our experts in the field come across a cache of cardboard boxes…sometimes damaged, many times expired, and most of the time not response ready. During a public health emergency, having critical equipment and supplies available and ready to dispense rapidly can mean the difference between life and death. Enter in Cache Conversion.

Response Ready Container rows from aboveVeriCor’s Cache Conversion does the work…you reap the rewards. We inventory all of your supplies (while checking expiration dates, damage, compatibility, etc.), package them into mobile, durable cases with intuitive organization, label the cases to create a Response-Friendly® System, and provide you with a SmartBook™ operator’s manual so that you can just store it and have it ready to respond. In the end, your valuable medical surge assets are protected, organized, mobile, and sustainable.

Let VeriCor bring the Response-Friendly™ philosophy to your cache of supplies.

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16x2x1 Cache Conversion

SmartBook™ Operations Manual

At the core of every VeriCor Medical Cache Conversion is the SmartBook™ Operations Manual.  The SmartBook™ is a system guide with pictures of all cases and modules, as well as inventory lists and vital information for the system.

The SmartBook™ makes deployment of our Response-Friendly® Systems efficient, and auditing and replenishment of supplies convenient.

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