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Triage & Treat On-Scene | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Beds for a Medical Surge

On Scene Treatment and Triage

Triage & Treat On-SceneTriage & Treat On-Scene

MCI Disaster Planning

Prevent and mitigate “scoop and run” scenarios that could overwhelm or disrupt the care capacity of your healthcare system. A VeriCor Triage & Treatment System is easily managed and equipped with the resources responders will use to triage AND treat victims of a mass casualty incident (MCI). Color-coded mobile cases and care-specific hanging jump bags are the backbone of the system, while a SmartBook™ enables the simple management of product during and after an event.

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Cool Cube™ FAQHow much can the Cool Cube™ hold

A Question from Your Colleagues

Question: How much can the Cool Cube™ hold?

Answer: Capacity is one of the most frequently asked questions. Utilizing all six cooling panels (which maximizes the hold time), the interior pack-out space of the Cool Cube™ 03 measures 5¾” x 5¾” x 5¾”; the Cool Cube™ 08 (pictured) is 11¼” x 6½” x 6½”; the Cool Cube™ 28 is 12” x 12” x 12″; and the Cool Cube™ 96 is 18” x 18” x 18”. If the dimensions of the packed-out product are known, then you/we can easily figure out the capacity. But, there are a couple of things to keep in mind:

    1. The wonderful benefit of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers is that buffering material is NOT needed. The PCM (phase change material) cooling panels are at a specific, in-range temperature (not 0°C like ice) so that product may be packed up against the panels. This eliminates the need for buffering material and removes the worry of temperature sensitive product getting to cold.

  1. All six PCM panels are not needed if the maximum hold time is not required (e.g. the Cool Cube™ 08 can go 76+ hours with six panels — use just one panel and it will last roughly 22 hours.). The consistency of the Cool Cube™ to maintain a specific temperature is the result of high-performance insulation combined with the passive temperature-controlling technology of PCM. And the more PCM there is in the Cool Cube™, the longer the temperature is controlled.
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Beds for a Medical SurgeBeds for a Medical Surge

Easy Storage – Easy Deployment

To support surge capacity response programs (at fixed hospitals or in temporary field hospitals), VeriCor Response Beds are ideal for emergency response scenarios. They meet FEMA guidelines (and ADA compliance standards) while having a folding design for easy storage. EP planners now have the versatility to choose exactly what they need, matched with quality they (and patients) will depend on during a crisis. All beds and racks are made in the USA.

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