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CDCs 2019 Toolkit | Emergency Burn Care Kits | System Training

2019 CDC Vaccine Handling Toolkit

A) CDCs 2019 Toolkit (newly revised)If you handle vaccine, this is a MUST READ!At the end of last month the CDC published its redesigned Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit. Unlike other revisions in the past, this publication was an all-out revamp. New organization, new graphics, and new content! To save you some time in your Read More

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What is a Qualified Container and Packout? | Emergency Preparedness (EP) Trailers | Staff PPE Kits

What is a Qualified Container and Packout

A) What is a “Qualified Container and Packout?”A term found in the CDC Storage & Handling Toolkit.Since it is mentioned in the new toolkit ten times, the CDC thought it best to define the term in their glossary. Page 28 of the new Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit: “A type of container and supplies specifically Read More

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Pro Tips from Cool Cube™ Users | VeriCor’s “Golden Hour” Solution | Cases for EP Supplies

Pro Tips from Cool Cube™ Users

A) Pro Tips from Cool Cube™ UsersThe best tips of 2018.*1. “Use only one PCM panel.” (One of the most popular tips.) The temperature of a Cool Cube™ is determined by the type of phase change material (PCM) used, not the quantity. The quantity of panels determines the time it will last: the more panels Read More

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No Power? No Problem. | Mobile Command & Control | NEW Website

No Power No Problem

No Power? No Problem.Keep vaccine/blood/pharmaceuticals safe for days!Power outages create major problems for temperature senstive product. In late 2016, a South Austrailian storm led to cold chain breaks of over $400K worth of vaccine. The ability to protect vaccines (or other chilled product) during a blackout is not easy, as the typical medical-grade fridge drifts Read More