Beds are an integral part of emergency preparedness and response operations. VeriCor beds are great solutions for the EP community. Built to federal emergency management’s specifications, these beds are used for deployment logistics, portable shelters, fixed hospitals, homeless sheltering programs, shelter-in-place services, and mass care evacuation. Click on any of the products below for more information. But if you need help finding the right solution, call 866-469-6019 or send an email to

Dependable Patient Beds

  • General-Purpose-Bed -- RB-GP400

    General-Purpose Bed

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  • Functional-Needs-Bed -- RB-FN400

    Functional Needs Bed

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  • Functional-Needs-Bed-I--RB-FN400I

    Functional Needs Bed w/ IV Pole

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  • Functional-Needs-Bed-with-ISR--RB-FN400ISR

    Functional Needs Bed w/ IV Pole & Rails

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  • Bariatric-Bed-(700#-wt-cap) -- RB-B700

    Bariatric Bed (700# wt cap)

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  • Emergency-Room-Bed -- RB-ER

    Emergency Room Bed

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  • Active-Patient-Care-Bed-with-I -- RB-APC400I

    Active Patient Care Bed w/ IV Pole

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  • Active-Patient-Care-Bed-with-IV-Pole-&-Rails -- RB-APC400ISR

    Active Patient Care Bed w/ IV Pole & Rails

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  • Hanging-Drawer-for-Bed -- RB-HD

    Hanging Drawer for Bed

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  • image-not-yet-available

    Bedding Kit

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  • image-not-yet-available

    Bariatric Bedding Kit

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VeriCor Response Beds support your emergency preparation and mitigation plans. Meeting the FEMA guidelines and ADA compliant, VeriCor’s line of Response Beds offer EP planners the versatility to choose the level of bed appropriate to the desired care function. From the basic General-Purpose bed to the advanced Emergency Room bed, our Response-Friendly® beds are made in the USA with quality you and your patients can depend on.