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Vaccines Likely Beginning to Reduce the Spread | Order Now to Get in Line

Vaccines Likely Beginning to Reduce the Spread

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🦠 Vaccines Reducing the Spread
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Vaccines Likely Beginning to Reduce the Spread

A) Vaccines Likely Beginning to Reduce the Spread

L.A. County seeing the evidence.

Many of you are on the front lines working tirelessly to vaccinate those across the country. To those we say “Thank you…keep up the good work!” Research is showing evidence that the increasing COVID-19 vaccinations are beginning to help curb transmission, as reported here by L.A. County’s KTLA News Channel 5. Know that here at VeriCor we are continuing our efforts to improve the backlog of orders for our coolers so that you can vaccinate more people, with better assurance, sooner!

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Order Now to Get in Line

A) Order Now to Get in Line!

For COVID vaccine, future flu clinics, back-up, etc.

Whether in need of a solution for drive-thru COVID immunization initiatives, prepping for future clinics, or implementing them into your new contingency plan, get in line now as the lead times keep decreasing! These purpose-built coolers are pre-qualified to hold at precise temperatures during extended transport and/or storage.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Dependable, Temporary Beds

B) Easy to Store — Easy to Deploy: Response Beds

Quality beds made right here in the USA.

When a disaster hits, beds are some of the first things people turn to for comfort, rest, and treatment. VeriCor’s line of emergency preparedness beds have a folding design for easy and compact storage while meeting FEMA and ADA compliance standards. But more importantly, they are dependable and comfortable when needed most. All beds (& racks) are made with pride right here in the USA.

Intuitive, Sustainable and Trainable

C) Easy Staff Training for Your Surge System!

Just contact us and we can do the rest!

By design, Response-Friendly® Systems (found in all but two states) are intuitive and sustainable. However, if time and resources are scarce and an exercise is needed on how to deploy or maintain the system, give us a call. Our staff can give your team quality training on how to maximize the system while minimizing your stress and time involved. From basic how-to management, to full-out disaster scenarios, you choose a package that fills your need. Call (608) 526-6901 today to speak with a training specialist.

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