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Pan-Flu Cache System Modules

Examination Pan-Flu Cache Stack

Ensure mass vaccination plans and protocols are in place.

Faced with increasing concerns about the likelihood of an influenza pandemic, healthcare systems are challenged to determine what specific medical supplies to procure and stockpile as a component of preparedness. Rapidly administer vaccine during the next influenza pandemic with a modularized Pan-Flu cache system. VeriCor’s Pan-Flu Cache modules are mobile and robust enough to establish near an emergency or expand into an existing medical facility and will provide vital medical supplies for patient care during an influenza pandemic. Once the emergency subsides, catalog and replace inventory with a fresh stock of supplies to store for the next response situation. Module contents are packaged into 48” x 40” x 39” hard-sided, stackable Response-Ready Containers for ease of deployment and storage. All inventory is easily managed by the exclusive SmartBook™.

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Medical Equipment Pan-Flu Cache Module PFC-ME

Medical Equipment Pan-Flu Cache

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Examination (Item: PFC-E)

Medical Equipment (Item: PFC-ME)

Patient Care (Item: PFC-PC)

Suction/O2 Adjuncts (Item: PFC-SO)

Staff Personal Protective Equipment (Item: PFC-SPPE)

Staff Personal Protective Equipment Pan-Flu Cache Module - PFC-SPPE

Staff Personal Protective Equipment Pan-Flu Cache Module