Bulk Medical Supply Storage Containers

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Emergency preparedness requires the storage of essential supplies. Mobile, large volume containers are ideal for EP bulk supplies. So when mobility is a must for a cache of supplies, check out any of the products below. But if you need help finding the right solution, call (608) 526-6901 or send an email to info@vericormed.com.

The backbone of emergency response is having equipment and supplies ready for responding personnel. VeriCor’s Bulk Storage cases are ready to pack-out and respond to any emergency at a moments notice.

Why pack EP equipment and supplies into VeriCor organizers and cases?

SECURE equipment and supplies – prevent supplies from “walking-off”
MOBILIZE equipment and supplies – increase response efficiency during a crisis
ORGANIZE equipment and supplies – quicken treatment time of responders
PROTECT equipment and supplies – lessen the chance of product getting damaged
STACK equipment and supplies – minimize the EP footprint by utilizing vertical space