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Loggers for VFC | Responding to Hep A | Medical Surge Beds

Loggers for VFC

Loggers for VFCLoggers for VFC

Provide Safe Vaccines for Children

The VFC (Vaccines for Children) Program provides vaccines to children in need. No matter how good VeriCor Cool Cubes™ perform, the VFC program will always require proof of an effective cold chain. So whether it is to meet the requirements of state guidelines, or (if nothing else) as an insurance policy to protect patients…buy a thermometer/logger that meets the CDC/VFC requirements and is easy to use.

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Backordered: VT-50/BT-03Backordered VT-50 BT-03

Responding to the Hep A Outbreak

We apologize, but the VT-50 & BT-03 are currently on backorder. Our entire inventory has been depleted due to recent outbreaks of hepatitis A in southern California. Plus, the next 25 units that roll off our assembly line are going to them in hopes of administering 40,000+ vaccinations in the coming weeks. If you are in need of small Cool Cubes™, we ask for your patience as we catch up to orders. If you are in need of the medium or large Cool Cubes™, they are currently available.

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Beds for a Medical SurgeBeds for a Medical Surge

Comfort Patients Will Depend On

VeriCor Response Beds support a wide variety of emergency preparation and mitigation plans. Meeting the FEMA guidelines (and ADA compliance standards), our line of beds offer EP planners the versatility to choose exactly what they need, matched with quality they (and patients) will depend on during a crisis. All beds and racks are made in the USA.

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