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Effective Insulation | Sturdy but Mobile Patient Care Beds | Convert Disorganized into Organized

Effective Insulation Hello, medical professionals! Not sure if you can tell, but this week's newsletter is coming to you out of a different email provider--Constant Contact. We're expecting their services to support our growth even better, ultimately improving your overall experience. Anyway, check out Section "A" for a common question we get on older Cool Cubes™. Section Read More
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Beds for a Surge Response | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Mitigate the Disruption


Beds for a Surge ResponseCompact Storage-Quick DeploymentWhen planning for a patient surge, quality medical beds are one of the top priorities. VeriCor Response Beds are ideal for fixed hospitals, alternate care sites, or any place there is a care/rest need. They meet FEMA guidelines (plus ADA compliance standards) and can be folded for easy storage. Read More

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Cool Cube™ Insulation | Patient Surge Beds & Racks | Train & Exercise for MCI Scenarios

say no to frozen bottles Cool Cube™ Insulation

Cool Cube™ InsulationVIPs are a Very Important PartSome coolers are bulky & heavy. Others cannot hold a temperature for more than one hour. Cool Cube™ PCM coolers solve both problems. At just 1″ thick, the vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) of a Cool Cube™ insulate better than 3.3″ of polyurethane — the insulation found in other Read More

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How to Tell Effectiveness of Vacuum Insulated Panels | Beds for a Medical Surge | Convert the “Cache”

How to Tell Effectiveness of Vacuum Insulated Panels

Vacuum Insulated PanelsHow to Tell EffectivenessAfter 5 years, Cool Cube™ vacuum insulated panels lose approximately 5% effectiveness (i.e. a Cool Cube™ 420 protects refrigerator temp vaccine for 103+ hours; in 2023 it will only protect 97+ hours). But just in case you are wondering if the insulation in your Cool Cube™ is still good (we Read More

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Why PCM is Popular | Triage & Treatment System | NIMS Learning Materials

Why PCM is Popular

Why PCM is Popular3 Facts About Cool Cube™ PCM 1. Cool Cube™ PCM has a consistent, reliable phase change temperature. PCM naturally maintains its phase change temperature while melting or freezing. The problem with water is that it has a fixed phase change point at 0°C/32°F, outside the parameters of most temperature sensitive product. Cool Read More