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Our success has been driven by customer support!

“I wanted to let you know that we used the (Cool Cube™ 03) coolers we received for a drive-thru immunization clinic on a very hot day. Staff were quite impressed with how stable the temperature remained through the duration of the clinic despite having to open the coolers multiple times.”
   -Linda, Public Health Department Sr. Nurse Manager

“I wanted to say a HUGE Thank You for an incredible product! I’ve been spouting their praises all over Queensland. We have never had such consistent temperatures and haven’t had to discard any medications for cold chain breaches since we got our cubes. The nurses love them!”
   -Priscilla, Manager – Clinical & Base Operations (Queensland, Australia)

“On our first time use – we were extremely lucky that we had it!  We had to fly out to a remote location and were only expected to be away for 12 hrs. The return flight got cancelled due to bad weather conditions so the nurse got stranded overnight. The Cool Cube™ kept the vaccines within range for the unexpected stay. If we had not had it, the vaccines would have been compromised. So needless to say, we were happy to have the Cool Cube™!”

   -Canadian Public Health Registered Nurse

“We LOVE VeriCor’s Vaccination Workstations! Before making any purchases I researched other companies extensively.  VeriCor’s product quality, knowledge and service far exceeded the competition.  I now turn to VeriCor for all of my emergency preparedness needs.  These guys are the experts in the EP field.”
   -Christi, Lassen County

“The Vaccine Transporters are wonderful! At first I was skeptical that they could hold the vaccine’s temperature. After using them they stood up to the test by not deviating even one degree. I would recommend these to anyone conducting vaccinations!”
   -Leigh, Clay County

 “VeriCor’s products and systems are perfectly tailored to the needs of public health departments. This, in collaboration with their expert knowledge and great customer service, makes them my choice for all of my preparedness needs.”
   -Delynn, Emergency Preparedness Coordinator

“We LOVE our Cool Cubes™, by the way: They performed perfectly at our October 2017 mass influenza vaccination clinic. We had six Cool Cubes™ in service holding nearly a thousand flu doses; we administered 595 doses and brought the rest back, safe and sound, to our facility.”
   -Kevin, Immunization Coordinator

“Health care and public health systems that are prepared to respond successfully to emergencies and recover quickly from all hazards are also able to deliver services more effectively and efficiently every day,” said Dr. Nicole Lurie, HHS assistant secretary for preparedness and response. “Having systems in place to provide better treatment for disaster survivors and improved public health for our communities also leads to better health outcomes on a day-to-day basis.”
   -HHS.gov (HHS grants bolster health care and public health disaster preparedness – July 2, 2012)

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