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In essence, Response-Friendly® is what medical personnel desire in responding to an emergency. When a nurse needs a medium size nitrile glove—it’s waiting to be put on. When a surgeon calls for a suture—it’s at their fingertips. Everything to handle a medical emergency is where responding personnel expect it to be. It’s complete. It’s intuitive. It’s exclusive. Replace incident chaos with precise organization and efficiency with Response-Friendly® Systems and Products.

Response-Friendly® Systems are designed using VeriCor’s exclusive software that determines the right quantities for the incident and patient population. Then Flow-Integration™ determines product priority and location. Lastly, equipment and supplies are meticulously organized, comprehensively labeled and intuitively packed to create a Response-Friendly® System. Only then will a preparedness system perform the way logisticians and health care providers (ultimately patients) need it to—a striking difference from a preparedness stockpile cluttering up a warehouse.

  • Organized storage – ready to satisfy the response time of a preparedness plan.
  • Correct equipment – appropriate quantities and compatible components for effective patient care.
  • Comprehensive labeling – efficient storage, maintenance, rotation and deployment.
  • Product recall monitoring – ensure product integrity.
  • A SmartBook™ – a complete system guide; know what you have and where you have it (see below).

Response-Friendly® Products
The Response-Friendly® philosophy is the driving force behind the design and production of VeriCor products. Each product developed goes through rigorous testing in order to make it ready to respond. Mobility, durability, and purpose are all factored into the design and production of our products.

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