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Medical Supply Replenishment

VeriCor Systems are built to be easily managed and sustained by our customers. However, at times personnel and resources are scarce and it’s just easier to let the professionals do it. Our Medical Supply Replenishment packages let our customers focus on their other duties rather than preparedness system maintenance. From basic package-and-send services to on-site replacement solutions, VeriCor’s supply replenishment will ensure that your valuable Response-Friendly® System is up-to-date, organized, and ready to respond.

Let VeriCor maintain your system.

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SmartBook™ Operations Manual

At the core of every VeriCor Supply Replenishment is the SmartBook™ Operations Manual.  The SmartBook™ is a system guide with pictures of all cases and modules, as well as inventory lists and vital information for the system.

The SmartBook™ makes auditing and replenishment of supplies simple and convenient.

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