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Specialized Response

Specialized Response Modules


Be ready for any medical response.

Unique circumstances will require unique products. VeriCor’s Specialized Response Modules are the unique products to support your emergency preparation and mitigation plans. Designed, produced and tested using the Response-Friendly® philosophy assures you of being prepared when disaster strikes.

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Ebola PPEblue-tote-contents EBOLA PPE Kit
Ebola PPE – 12 Kits (Item: SS-EVD12)
Ebola PPE – 25 Kits (Item: SS-EVD25)
Ebola PPE 100 (Item: SS-EVD100)


open SS-DUV Oxygen Manifold KitDUV-4-STACK-2

VA Dual Use Vehicle Kits
Oxygen Distribution – for Large DUV (Item: SS-DUV-O2LG)
Oxygen Distribution – for Small DUV (Item: SS-DUV-O2SM)
Medical Equipment & Supplies – for DUV (Item: SS-DUV-MES)


Pediatric Response Kit ss-prk


Pediatric Response Kits
Pediatric Response Kit (Item: SS-PRK)




Oxygen Manifold Kits
Oxygen Manifold Kit (Item: SS-OMK)





Oxygen Cascade Kits
Oxygen Manifold Kit (Item: SS-OCK)