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Mobile Vaccination Systems by VeriCor Medical Systems

Vaccination Systems

500 Vaccination Go-Bag - Mobile Vaccination Systems

Vaccinator 500 Go-Bag

At your next immunization clinic, easily carry and transport all the essentials for immunization. VeriCor’s Mobile Vaccination Systems are pre-packaged vaccination kits—just add staff and vaccine. Equipped with the necessary medical supplies to successfully carry out any vaccine or pandemic related campaign, our vaccination systems are designed to serve campaigns large and small, from small scale scheduled vaccination campaigns to emergency pandemic outbreaks. After a campaign the system can be resupplied with a simple replenishment kit from us, or it can be easily restocked by your staff.

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Vaccinator 5,000 Go-System w/ Refrigerator

Vaccinator 500 Go-Bag – A self-contained system that will vaccinate up to 500 individuals.
Vaccinator 2500 Go-System – Handles larger vaccinations or emergency pandemic operations of up to 2,500 individuals.
Vaccinator 5000 System – Handles mass vaccinations or emergency pandemic operations of up to 5,000 individuals.
Vaccinator 5000 System w/ Refrigerator – Handles mass vaccinations or emergency pandemic operations of up to 5,000 people.
EZ Refill Kit – refill kit for Response-Friendly® Systems.

SmartBook™ Operations Manual

At the core of every VeriCor Vaccination System is the SmartBook™ Operations Manual.  The SmartBook™ is a system guide with pictures of all cases and modules, as well as inventory lists and vital information for the system.

The SmartBook™ makes deployment of our Response-Friendly® Systems efficient, and auditing and replenishment of supplies convenient.

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