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Cool Cubes™ can do different temps | Compact Mobile HICS Station | A Mobilized Emergency Room

Cool Cubes™ can do different temps Hello, medical professionals! Did you know that a cooler can be at fridge temps one minute and then freezer temps the next? Check out Section "A" for more details. Section "B" highlights a product specifically geared towards emergency managers, while Section "C" talks about a mobile emergency room system developed by VeriCor. As always, have Read More
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With lives on the line | Patient Surge Alternate Care Site | Mobile ER for a Patient Surge


With lives on the line…Please watch for 1 min, 49 secs ® With lives on the line, medical personnel are to protect the quality attributes of vaccine, blood and medicine for their patients. Controlling the storage and transport temperatures play a key role in this protection. The problem is proper equipment is not being used Read More

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Safe & Easy Cool Cubes™ | A Mess of Supplies Will Do Nothing | Drill/Exercise a VeriCor System

Cool Cubes The Ultimate Cooler w Pack-Out

Really??? Wow!Safe & Easy Cool Cubes™FAQ: Can Cool Cubes™ be opened?Answer: Yes This past summer a VT-100 was logged as being opened 56 times over 82 hours. No ice, no electricity, and the product inside stayed between 3° and 8°C the entire time. Its cooling panels were “conditioned” in a regular refrigerator (2°C for 12 Read More

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Keep Vaccine and Blood 4C | Beds for a Medical Surge | Replacing Expired Supplies

Keep Vaccine and Blood 4C

Keep Vaccine/Blood @ 4°C Alternative to the DIY Mess Transporting vaccine/blood/medicine is a necessity that many times ends up being a DIY project. The shopping, testing, validating, training and other headaches associated with figuring out a cooler and pack-out system can be overwhelming, not to mention costly if things go wrong. That’s why we created Read More

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Vertical Medical Kits | Cool Cubes™ | Mobile Vaccination Clinic

Modern Day Roll-Packs with Pre-Organized Medical Assets

Vertical Medical Kits Built for the Emergency ResponderMore advanced than a first aid kit, VeriCor MedKits Hold n’ Show™ medical supplies that are care-specific and organized for emergency responders treating patients. When hung on a door or stand,* the vertical organizer provides easy visibility and quick access to supplies, replacing incident chaos with precise organization Read More