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A Message from VeriCor about COVID-19 | Cold Chain Protection | Cache Conversion

An All-in-One Solution for the Cold Chain In this Bi-Weekly Issue In this biweekly issue: 🦠 VeriCor & COVID-19 🌡 A Cooler With So Many Uses 🤝 Training for Your EP System 📦 Cache Conversion As always, lots of information can be found on our website. Have a productive week! Learn | Practice | Improve A) COVID-19 Myths Striving to be a Read More
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Transport System Recommendations | Manage Casualties On-Site | A Mess of Supplies Made Ready

Transport System Recommendations Hello, medical professionals! If you handle vaccine and missed last week's rundown of the changes the CDC made to its 2019 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, make sure read it (find it here if you accidentally deleted it). As for the rest of you, this newsletter revisits the specific transport recommendations of the CDC, a brief synopsis Read More
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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Beds for a Surge Response | Cache Conversion


Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: How many times can the Cool Cube™ be opened?Answer: A lot. Unlike a fridge that when opened cold air escapes out the bottom and warm air enters from the top, the Cool Cube™ has a top-open design. When opened, the cool air stays down within the unit while Read More

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30 Days Left – Get Creative | Vaccine/Blood Transport | Deal With the Mess

30 Days Left

30 Days Left – Get Creative!Fill Response Plan GapsWith 30 days left to obligate PHEP/HPP money, it’s time to either use it or lose it. Is there a gap in the preparedness plan (i.e. bariatric supplies, pediatric care, FNSS)? What about that “wish list” of equipment (i.e. beds, storage, HICS)? Every year around this time Read More

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Are Preparedness Challenges Overwhelming?

Public health emergencies can happen at any time, anywhere. Occurrences in recent years have underscored the importance of local, state, and federal public health systems to prepare for potential health threats.Natural disastersEpidemicsTerrorist attacksAs former military and medical personnel, we understand the challenges of planning and preparing for major emergencies and disasters involving human casualties. It’s Read More