Cool Cube™ Additional & Replacement Parts

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Additional parts can be purchased to replace lost parts, or to extend the versatility of the Cool Cube™. For example, if you are purchasing an 8 liter VT-08 Vaccine Transport Cooler that is designed for storing vaccine at refrigerated temperatures, you have the option to also purchase frozen panels that will convert your Cool Cube™ to a frozen temperatures vaccine transport cooler, just by changing the panels within the container.

Cool Cube™ Additional/Replacement Parts

The technology found in Cool Cubes™ is extensive, but not hard to understand. With just three basic components (case, insulation, PCM), users have the ability to replace parts themselves, enabling a long life and/or a multi-purpose unit.

All Cool Cubes™ have replaceable/interchangeable parts. Click on the Cool Cube™ below for specs and price of size specific components. But if you need help finding the right solution, call (608) 526-6901 or send an email to