Cold Chain Management

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The protection and efficiency of delivering temperature sensitive cargo around the world is one of the most important logistical systems of the medical field. With more and more of the drugs available on the market needing to be stored in a controlled environment, a constant improvement of cold chain management is required. Packaging and temperature monitoring are critical facets of cold chain logistics. Protecting temperature-sensitive cargo is vital to the function and effectiveness of the drug and therefore, cargo that undergoes any form of divergence can be deemed unusable and unsafe…meaning a wasted product. Therefore proper packaging (PCM transport coolers) and monitoring (digital temperature loggers) are essential when attempting to maintain product integrity.

Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers

Cool Cube™ PCM coolers passively control the temperature of cargo for an extended period of time (in most cases days!). Six removable panels utilize PCM technology to eliminate the use of ice or electricity, and makes cold chain management easy, safe, and effective. During extremely hot conditions, a Cool Cube™ excels at keeping sensitive product at the needed temperature. But it can also keep product from freezing in dreadfully cold environments. Refrigerated, frozen and controlled room temperature variations available. Click on any of the product lines below for more information. But if you need help finding the right solution, call 608-526-6901 or send an email to

Cold Chain Monitoring

Cold chain monitoring has evolved. Gone are the days of manual recording temperatures twice a day. So when you can’t be there or during your next audit, rely on one of VeriCor’s digital data logging devices. If you need help finding the right solution, click on any of the product lines below, call 866-469-6019 or send an email to

Cool Cube™ Additional/Replacement Parts

The technology found in Cool Cubes™ is extensive, but not hard to understand. With just three basic components (case, insulation, PCM), users have the ability to replace parts themselves, enabling a long life and/or a multi-purpose unit. If you need help finding the right solution, click on any of the products below, call 866-469-6019 or send an email to