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Mobile Workstations by VeriCor Medical Systems


Although they will never completely replace an in-clinic nursing station, VeriCor mobile workstations can save nurses steps and streamline operations for in-field care. Time-sensitive challenges posed by file storage and supply management at your off-site clinic is why we have developed storage solutions to ensure your nurses can focus on the issues that really matter.

Our mobile workstations will ensure that your nurses can efficiently do their jobs as quickly and effortlessly as possible. Unlike static storage and “box” products, VeriCor’s industry-leading workstations have been painstakingly developed to maximize both capacity and versatility for medical and administrative supplies.

Thanks to the diversity of our product line-up, there’s sure to be a VeriCor solution for upgrading your current system. From large-capacity units with a built-in refrigerator to compact 3-drawer portability, our workstations provide you with unmatched performance in the field.

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MW-42 Closed - Mobile Workstations

42″ Workstation w/ 6 Drawers & Table

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24″ w/ 3 Drawers & Table
42″ w/ 6 Drawers & Table
42″ w/ Refrigerator, 3 Drawers & Table
48″ w/ 6 Drawers & Table
48″ w/ Refrigerator, 3 Drawers & Table