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VIPs and PCMs – Acronyms Explained | A Mess of Supplies Made Pretty | Beds to Stow-and-Go

VIPs-and-PCMs-Acronyms-Explained- Hello, medical professionals! The acronyms VIP and PCM are relatively old terms getting new attention in the cold chain management world...go to Section "A" if they relate to your line of work. Section "B" is for those that have a mess of preparedness supplies that need some attention. The last section showcases beds that are Read More
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Cool Cube™ Insulation | Patient Surge Beds & Racks | Train & Exercise for MCI Scenarios

say no to frozen bottles Cool Cube™ Insulation

Cool Cube™ InsulationVIPs are a Very Important PartSome coolers are bulky & heavy. Others cannot hold a temperature for more than one hour. Cool Cube™ PCM coolers solve both problems. At just 1″ thick, the vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) of a Cool Cube™ insulate better than 3.3″ of polyurethane — the insulation found in other Read More