Room 15° to 25°C | 20° to 24°C

A Cool Cube™ at Controlled Room Temperatures is not an ordinary transport cooler (FFPE, platelets and biospecimens carrier). It is an easy-to-carry, qualified container and pack-out system that keeps temperature sensitive product (FFPE, platelets, biospecimens) between 15° and 25°C for over 2.5 days – without using ice or electricity! This cooler is ideal for transport, but also excels at protecting valuable product during off-site use and power outages, regardless of hot or freezing conditions. The simple, validated, patented technology is the best compact thermal protection product available to maintain the cold chain!

Transport & Storage Coolers @ Room Temps for FFPE, Platelets, Biospecimens, etc.

  • Cool-Cube™-RT-03-at-Controlled-Room-Temps

    Cool Cube™ 03 at Controlled Room Temps

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  • Cool-Cube™-RT-08-at-Controlled-Room-Temps

    Cool Cube™ 08 at Controlled Room Temps

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  • Cool-Cube™-RT-28-at-Controlled-Room-Temps

    Cool Cube™ 28 at Controlled Room Temps

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  • Cool-Cube™-RT-96-Angled-Right

    Cool Cube™ 96 at Controlled Room Temps

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Easy & Safe Pack-Out

Step 1 Remove PCM from Cool Cube™
Step 2 Prep PCM Panels
Step 3: Assemble Cool Cube™
Step 4: Pack-Out Cool Cube™
Step 5: Close Cool Cube™