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Effective Insulation | Sturdy but Mobile Patient Care Beds | Convert Disorganized into Organized

Effective Insulation

Hello, medical professionals!

Not sure if you can tell, but this week’s newsletter is coming to you out of a different email provider–Constant Contact. We’re expecting their services to support our growth even better, ultimately improving your overall experience. Anyway, check out Section “A” for a common question we get on older Cool Cubes™. Section “B” highlights the patient care beds offered by VeriCor. Meanwhile section “C” showcases a unique service that turns a mess of stored supplies into a system ready to respond. As always, have a productive week!

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Effective Insulation

A) Effective Insulation

How to tell good from bad.

The insulation of a Cool Cube™ is a key component of its 4+ day temperature hold time. So if ever you see a decline in the performance, inspect the Temp-Shield™ Insulation System. A loose skin indicates vacuum loss (damage, puncture, leak, etc.). Without a vacuum seal the panel(s) becomes like any other insulator and don’t hold the internal temperature as long. (Click the picture to see a larger view.) But the good news…replacement parts are available.

New to this email? Watch this 113-second video explaining the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

B) Sturdy but Mobile Patient Care Beds

Minimal storage – maximum flexibility!

When a disaster hits, beds are one of the first things people turn to for comfort, rest and treatment. The line of beds VeriCor carries having a folding design for easy and compact storage, while meeting FEMA and ADA compliance standards. But more importantly they are dependable and comfortable for when they will be needed most. All beds (& racks) are made in the USA.

Sturdy but Mobile Patient Care Beds
Convert Disorganized into Organized

C) Convert Disorganized into Organized

We take a mess of supplies & make it a READY system.

Sometimes emergency preparedness are forgotten. Expired, unorganized, damaged, recalled…any number of things can hinder a response. The Medical Cache Conversion process converts a mess of supplies into a ready-to-respond system that is organized & manageable. Make sure that when an MCI happens, your facility is ready.

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