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Beds for a Surge Response | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Mitigate the Disruption


Beds for a Surge ResponseBeds for a Surge Response

Compact Storage-Quick Deployment

When planning for a patient surge, quality medical beds are one of the top priorities. VeriCor Response Beds are ideal for fixed hospitals, alternate care sites, or any place there is a care/rest need. They meet FEMA guidelines (plus ADA compliance standards) and can be folded for easy storage. EP planners love the usefulness while patients will appreciate the comfort. All beds and racks are made in the USA.

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Cool Cube™ FAQCool Cube™ FAQs

A Question From Your Colleagues

Question: “Do the PCM inserts hold freezer temps, refrigerator temps, or both?”

Answer: The PCM panels are temperature specific, so the panels themselves are not multi-purpose. But the Cool Cube™ system is multi-purpose. Sets of PCM panels are made for each of the main temperature categories (frozen, fridge and room temps) and are interchangeable within the Cool Cube™. For instance, a Cool Cube™ 03 can be used for keeping fresh vaccine at 5°C all day at a flu clinic, then upon return the panels can be swapped out and made ready (<1 minute) to transport frozen varicella that night. If you haven’t already, watch this short video to see the safety and simplicity of the Cool Cube™.

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Mitigate the DisruptionTriage & Treat On-Scene

Triage and Treat MCI Patients

Mass casualty incidences (MCIs) overwhelm and disrupt healthcare system care capacity. The good news is those instances can be prepared for. A VeriCor Triage & Treatment System provides secondary triage and definitive treatment for a surge of 100 patients. Managers like it because it’s easy to maintain. Responders like it because it can deploy anywhere and then have the right supplies in the right place. Click to find out more about this exclusive triage and treatment system.

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