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One Temp Controlled Cooler | A Requirement of Preparedness | A Requirement of Preparedness #2

One Temp Controlled Cooler

Two Simple QuestionsOne Temp Controlled CoolerWhat temperature range is needed?How much interior space is needed?Answering these two questions will direct you to a cooler and pack-out system that will surprise you and have someone saying “why didn’t we buy these last year?” Qualified/validated Cool Cubes™ are safe, easy to use, and hold valuable product at Read More

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Use a VeriCor Triage & Treatment System (because every second counts)

Plans are in place. Protocols are defined. Are the assets ready? VeriCor’s Hospital Triage & Treatment System provides definitive care for 100 patients during an MCI or other surge event: Sets up in minutes. Color-coded equipment chests for rapid deployment and smooth patient flow. Intuitive organization to facilitate efficient care. A minimal footprint for easy Read More