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Cold Chain Management has Evolved | Replenish Old Supplies | Medical Cache Conversion


Cold Chain Management has EvolvedCold Chain Management has Evolved

Cool Cube™ FAQ

Question: I don’t need buffering material?!?

Answer: No. Many times this question elicits a chuckle with the rhetorical question “do you need buffering material in your fridge?” The directive “use appropriate insulating materials, such as bubble wrap, to protect vaccines from direct contact with the water bottles” is because those water bottles are at 0°C until fully melted. On the other hand, Cool Cube™ PCM cooling panels are at the same temp of what is being packed-out (4.5°C for the fridge variety, -21.5°C for the frozen models, or 21.5°C for the room temp variations) until fully melted…a small but BIG difference! So no, you do not need to occupy valuable pack-out space with non-essential insulating materials.

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Replenish Old SuppliesA Requirement of Preparedness

Easy to order. Easy to replace.

Supply management (inventory control) of earmarked preparedness product can be daunting. Is equipment recalled? Are supplies expired? If you have a Response-Friendly® System, use the SmartBook™ inventory file and sort by “Expiration Date” to make sure that your product is up-to-date. Don’t have time? We understand. That’s why we have replenishment packages that range from “label n’ ship” to on-site replacement.

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Medical Cache ConversionConvert a Cache into a System

Convert into a Usable System

Expired? Organized? Recalled? If something happened today, is your warehoused cache of equipment and supplies ready to deliver medical care? VeriCor’s Medical Cache Conversion process converts a mess of supplies into a ready-to-respond system that is organized and manageable. That mess of supplies can be turned into a Response-Friendly® System.

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