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ASPR’s Burn Care Statement | CDC’s 2019 Toolkit (revisited) | ASPR’s Burn Care Statement

ASPR's Burn Care Hello, medical professionals! Section "A" re-visits CDC's January 2019 revision of the Toolkit. Section "B" briefly addresses ASPR's statement on burn care surge. Lastly, Section "C" showcases some staff PPE kits used during infectious disease scares (EVD). As always, have a productive week! To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections that may Read More
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What is a Qualified Container and Packout? | Emergency Preparedness (EP) Trailers | Staff PPE Kits

What is a Qualified Container and Packout Hello, medical professionals! Are you responsible for vaccine? If so, be sure to open the newsletter next won't want to miss it. (hint: the toolkit changed...A LOT!)  For now, the topics this week include the definition of a "qualified container and packout", what an EP trailer is (and is not), and how to have dedicated staff Read More
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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Staff PPE Kits | EP Deployment Trailers


Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: “How can I buy a Cool Cube™?”Answer: There are a number of different procurement channels available to assist you:Direct…call or email today with a credit card or PO; it will be fast and easy.Amazon…orders usually ship the following day from our facility in Wisconsin.GSA…get a federal entity discount Read More

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Can the Cool Cube™ be locked? | Staff PPE for Infectious Disease | A Kit Specific for Burn Care

Can the Cool Cube™ be locked

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question from Your ColleaguesQuestion: Can the Cool Cube™ be locked?Answer: Yes. Locks are not provided with Cool Cube™ PCM coolers due to the differing regulations of various entities. However, quite a few styles and sizes of locks are compatible with the coolers to ensure that valuable product not only stays at the Read More