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Cool Cube™ Procurement | Burn Care Medical Kit | EP Response Trailers

Cool Cube™ Procurement Hello, medical professionals! There are many avenues you can use to buy Cool Cube™ PCM coolers. Section "A" gives you those options. The next section showcases an emergency burn care kit used for a surge of burn patients, while the last section highlights response trailers used for MCIs. As always, have a productive week! To Read More
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CDCs 2019 Toolkit | Emergency Burn Care Kits | System Training

2019 CDC Vaccine Handling Toolkit Hello, medical professionals! If you are responsible for vaccine, be sure to read the first section should save you a lot of time! As for the rest of this newsletter, the topics this week include what was revised on the CDC Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit, what a specialized burn care medical kit looks Read More
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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Emergency Burn Care | Patient Surge Training


Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: “What is the capacity of a Cool Cube™?”Answer: For the size-to-space ratio, it is the best available on the market. We can confidently say that because there is no better insulation (vacuum insulated on all six sides) and no better coolant (PCM panels that are safe to pack Read More

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Cool Cube™ FAQ | Medical Supply Trailers | Burn Care MedKit


Cool Cube™ FAQA Question From Your ColleaguesQuestion: Are the ice packs reusable?Answer: Yes. The various versions of Cool Cube™ phase change material (PCM) have research supporting zero thermal degradation while exposed to over 10,000 thermal cycles. That means there is a long-life ahead for this temperature controlling system.But make no mistake…the “ice packs” are not Read More

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Can the Cool Cube™ be locked? | Staff PPE for Infectious Disease | A Kit Specific for Burn Care

Can the Cool Cube™ be locked

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question from Your ColleaguesQuestion: Can the Cool Cube™ be locked?Answer: Yes. Locks are not provided with Cool Cube™ PCM coolers due to the differing regulations of various entities. However, quite a few styles and sizes of locks are compatible with the coolers to ensure that valuable product not only stays at the Read More