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A Command and Control Case | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Health Care Preparedness


A Command and Control CaseAnywhere & AnytimeIn preparation for the next logistical, operational or command situation, organize needed supplies within an extremely adaptable Hospital Incident Command Station. In storage it takes up the space of a desk. In deployment it facilitates command and control while on-the-go. A built-in laptop stand, overhead light, inlay map/document grease Read More

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Hangable MedKits | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Patient Surge System


Hangable MedKitsCare-Specific Medical Kits for EPMore advanced than a first aid kit, VeriCor MedKits contain treatment-specific supplies that are organized within a portable, rolled-up, quick-to-deploy UMO (Upright Medical Organizer). When in a pinch, the responding providers have exact locations of the supplies (bag # and pocket) to facilitate a more effective response. Choose from a Read More

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Cold Chain Management has Evolved | Replenish Old Supplies | Medical Cache Conversion


Cold Chain Management has EvolvedCool Cube™ FAQQuestion: I don’t need buffering material?!?Answer: No. Many times this question elicits a chuckle with the rhetorical question “do you need buffering material in your fridge?” The directive “use appropriate insulating materials, such as bubble wrap, to protect vaccines from direct contact with the water bottles” is because those Read More

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Can the Cool Cube™ be locked? | Staff PPE for Infectious Disease | A Kit Specific for Burn Care

Can the Cool Cube™ be locked

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question from Your ColleaguesQuestion: Can the Cool Cube™ be locked?Answer: Yes. Locks are not provided with Cool Cube™ PCM coolers due to the differing regulations of various entities. However, quite a few styles and sizes of locks are compatible with the coolers to ensure that valuable product not only stays at the Read More

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Easy Replenishment | MCI Scenario Training | Validated Container & Pack-Out

A Requirement of Preparedness

Easy ReplenishmentWhat to Do When Supplies ExpireSupply management (inventory control) of earmarked preparedness product can be daunting. Is equipment recalled? Are supplies expired? If you have a Response-Friendly® System, use the SmartBook™ inventory file and sort by “Expiration Date” to make sure that your product is up-to-date. Don’t have time? We understand. That’s why we Read More