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No Power – No Problem | MCI Triage and Treatment System | Infectious Disease Preparedness

No Power - No Problem As some in Western U.S.A. struggle to provide medical care during PSPS (Public Safety Power Shut-offs), the California Department of Public Health wrote up a summary we all could review again regarding vaccine management during power outages: PLAN-PREPARE-RESPOND-RESTORE found here). And as always, lots of information can be found on our website. Have a productive Read More
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Can the Cool Cube™ be locked? | Staff PPE for Infectious Disease | A Kit Specific for Burn Care

Can the Cool Cube™ be locked

Cool Cube™ FAQA Question from Your ColleaguesQuestion: Can the Cool Cube™ be locked?Answer: Yes. Locks are not provided with Cool Cube™ PCM coolers due to the differing regulations of various entities. However, quite a few styles and sizes of locks are compatible with the coolers to ensure that valuable product not only stays at the Read More

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Response-Ready PPE Kits | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Disaster Planning & Triage

Infectious Disease Prep Ready to use EVD PPE Kits

Response-Ready PPE KitsInfectious Disease PreventionInfectious disease incidents pose unique challenges that diminish a healthcare’s response to an emergency. So having ready prepositioned PPE kits to control the spread of disease and enable the continuity of health care services should save lives. VeriCor’s smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized within a mobile Read More

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The Cool Cube™ 96 | Response-Ready PPE Kits | Disaster Response Trailers


The Cool Cube™ 96Large Capacity Temp AssuranceThe newly released Cool Cube™ 96 is the ideal solution to move or store (back-up scenarios) large quantities of temperature sensitive product. Like other Cool Cubes™ it has a user-friendly case for easy mobility and a Temp-Shield™ insulation system for a long-lasting temperature hold. Integrated/interchangeable PCM panels enable safe, Read More

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Newly Revised by the CDC | Burn Care Kit | Response-Ready PPE Kits

Newly Revised by the CDC 2018

Newly Revised by the CDCVaccine Storage & Handling ToolkitThe CDC just came out with the January 2018 revision of the “Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit” (found on the CDC website here). The #1 question: What changed?The 82-page document is a lot to take in. But if familiar with the previous version, review/download the 30 changes Read More