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Medical Cases | Cool Cube™ FAQ | HICS Workstation

Medical EM Cases Supply Storage and Deployment

Medical CasesOrganize EP AssetsWhen personnel go into the field, it is essential that medical supplies arrive safe, intact and ready for treatment. Secure, mobilize, organize, and protect valuable medical equipment and supplies in storage. From the compact Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) to the rolling Mobile Charging Station (MC-MCS), checkout VeriCor’s wide array of options. Customization Read More

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Response-Ready EVD PPE | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Medical Cases for EP

Infectious Disease Prep Ready to use EVD PPE Kits

Response-Ready EVD PPEInfectious Disease DetermentInfectious disease incidents pose unique challenges that diminish a healthcare’s response to an emergency. So having ready prepositioned PPE kits to control the spread of disease and enable the continuity of health care services should save lives. VeriCor’s smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized within a mobile Read More

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A Command and Control Case | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Health Care Preparedness


A Command and Control CaseAnywhere & AnytimeIn preparation for the next logistical, operational or command situation, organize needed supplies within an extremely adaptable Hospital Incident Command Station. In storage it takes up the space of a desk. In deployment it facilitates command and control while on-the-go. A built-in laptop stand, overhead light, inlay map/document grease Read More