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An Alternative to a Backup Generator | Prepare to Triage AND Treat a Surge of Patients | Get a Burn Care Kit in 2020

No Power - No Problem News & Promotions A) An Alternative to a Backup Generator Keep vaccine/blood/pharmaceuticals safe for days! Power outages create major problems for temperature sensitive product. Just ask those affected in California last year, or health offices in Southern Australia in 2016 (a storm led to losing over $400,000 worth of vaccine). The ability to protect vaccines Read More
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No power is no problem! | Cases for EP Medical Supplies | FSTs for Healthcare Coalitions

No Power No Problem Hello, medical professionals! Contingency plans are ever present in the medical field. Check out section "A" for the latest in maintaining the cold chain of temperature sensitive product even when the power goes out. Section "B" can help you organize and mobilize medical supplies, and section "C" gives you a glimpse of a page taken Read More
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Low-Tech Smart Coolers | Medical EM Cases | ASPR: Burn Care Surge

Coolers for Vaccine Blood and Pharmaceuticles

Low-Tech Smart Coolersfor Vaccine, Blood, PharmaceuticalsNo cumbersome cords to manage.No moving parts to break.No frozen ice bottles (0°C) to condition.No cheap gel packs to disintegrate.These simple, safe, dependable coolers have 3 parts: a case, the insulation, and the temperature cartridges (flat PCM panels that surround the contents at the correct temperature…4°C, -20°C, or 22°C). Cool Read More

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SMART & SAFE Coolers | Disaster Response Trailers | Modern Day Roll-Packs

Modern Day Roll-Packs with Pre-Organized Medical Assets

SMART & SAFE Coolersfor Vaccine, Blood, PharmaceuticalsIn addition to the safe and effective cooling system, Cool Cubes™ have remarkable insulation. Therefore, many customers choose not to utilize all six cooling panels (just like reducing the number of ice/gel packs for shorter trips). For instance, the VT-100 will hold a 2-8°C range for a lab validated Read More