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SMART & SAFE Coolers | Disaster Response Trailers | Modern Day Roll-Packs

Modern Day Roll-Packs with Pre-Organized Medical Assets

SMART & SAFE CoolersCool Cubes™ - Literally!

for Vaccine, Blood, Pharmaceuticals

In addition to the safe and effective cooling system, Cool Cubes™ have remarkable insulation. Therefore, many customers choose not to utilize all six cooling panels (just like reducing the number of ice/gel packs for shorter trips). For instance, the VT-100 will hold a 2-8°C range for a lab validated 76+ hours with all six 4°C panels surrounding the payload. That same unit packed out with only one panel on the bottom will last 22 hours (still longer than the typical use time). What’s the benefit? The capacity is increased by 65% and the weight is decreased by 54%. It’s smart, it’s easy, it’s safe…it’s a Cool Cube™!

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Disaster Response TrailersDisaster Response Trailers for Mass Casualty Events

for Mass Casualty Events

When the focus is emergency response, VeriCor trailers enable the easy transport and efficient deployment of medical supplies. Close collaboration with clients ensure that needs are met and wants are surpassed. From cabinets to bathrooms, these custom trailers are ready to respond at a high level to ensure organizations and communities are prepared for the worst.

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Modern Day Roll-PacksModern Day Roll-Packs with Pre-Organized Medical Assets

with Pre-Organized Medical Assets

More advanced than a first aid kit, VeriCor MedKits organize and show the emergency responder “care specific” medical supplies for treating patients in a hurry. Easy visibility and quick access to supplies replaces incident chaos with precise organization and efficiency. Choose from a wide range of pre-built MedKits, or contact us today for a custom kit.

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