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An Alternative to a Backup Generator | Prepare to Triage AND Treat a Surge of Patients | Get a Burn Care Kit in 2020

No Power - No Problem News & Promotions A) An Alternative to a Backup Generator Keep vaccine/blood/pharmaceuticals safe for days! Power outages create major problems for temperature sensitive product. Just ask those affected in California last year, or health offices in Southern Australia in 2016 (a storm led to losing over $400,000 worth of vaccine). The ability to protect vaccines Read More
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Newly Revised by the CDC | Burn Care Kit | Response-Ready PPE Kits

Newly Revised by the CDC 2018

Newly Revised by the CDCVaccine Storage & Handling ToolkitThe CDC just came out with the January 2018 revision of the “Vaccine Storage & Handling Toolkit” (found on the CDC website here). The #1 question: What changed?The 82-page document is a lot to take in. But if familiar with the previous version, review/download the 30 changes Read More

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Burn Care Kit | Upgrade the Cold Chain | EP Response Trailers

Burn Care Surge On-Site Patient Treatment

Burn Care Kit Prepackaged Mobile Treatment Burn care is a priority within ASPR’s 2017-2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities. Page 52 – Activity 6 states, “All hospitals should be prepared to receive, stabilize, and manage burn patients.” The Response-Friendly® Burn Care MedKit is a simple, comprehensive medical kit with a small storage footprint yet Read More

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Safe, Qualified Transport | Burn Care Kit | Cases Built for Medical Use

Safe, Qualified Transport, Not Just for Vaccine

Safe, Qualified TransportNot Just for VaccineThe first Cool Cube™ was purchased by a small, human services department in eastern Wisconsin over 7 years ago. The premise was to give them an easy, dependable system that would keep vaccine cool for days — without using ice or electricity. Today, there is an entire line of qualified Read More