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An Alternative to a Backup Generator | Prepare to Triage AND Treat a Surge of Patients | Get a Burn Care Kit in 2020

No Power - No Problem

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No Power - No Problem

A) An Alternative to a Backup Generator

Keep vaccine/blood/pharmaceuticals safe for days!

Power outages create major problems for temperature sensitive product. Just ask those affected in California last year, or health offices in Southern Australia in 2016 (a storm led to losing over $400,000 worth of vaccine). The ability to protect vaccines and other product during a blackout is not easy, as the typical medical-grade fridge drifts above 8°C/46°F within a couple of hours after losing power (read more about this topic here). Cool Cube™ PCM coolers not only maintain a tight temperature range for days without ice or electricity, they are safe, easy and ready to transport the product if need be. So if your contingency plan does not involve a reliable generator, you may want to consider a Cool Cube™. If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

MCI Triage & Treatment System

B) Prepare to Triage AND Treat a Surge of Patients

Supplies that can move TO the incident.

Mass casualty incidences (MCIs) can overwhelm and disrupt a healthcare network if a system is not available to expand patient treatment outside of traditional walls. VeriCor’s all-in-one Triage and Treatment System is an intuitive, color-coordinated, mobile cache of supplies that provides secondary triage and definitive treatment for a surge of 100 patients. Managers like it because it’s easy to maintain. Responders like it because it can deploy anywhere with the right supplies in the right place. See the system in action (YouTube video here) and then call 866-469-6019 to speak with a specialist!

Have a Mess of Supplies

C) Get a Burn Care Kit in 2020

Be prepared to receive, stabilize & manage burn patients.

Get the essential supplies needed for debridement and dressing of burns, intuitively organized into an exclusive Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO). This kit has features disaster organizers and responders will appreciate: clear pockets, an easy-to-assemble stand, and a product management SmartBook™. Be ready for multiple burn patients with the field-ready Burn Care medical kit.

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