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High-Performance Coolers | Pan-Flu Medical Cache | MCI Response Training

High-Performance Coolers

High-Performance CoolersSimple & EffectiveTemp System: PCM (phase change material)● Optimum temperature stabilization without needing ice, electricity or buffering material.Insulation: VIP (vacuum insulated panels)● Maximum size-to-space ratio to decrease both bulk and weight.Case: fabric or hard-shell (depends on model)● User-centered design creating a pleasant cold chain management experience.Pan-Flu Medical CacheMitigate the RiskIt is difficult to predict Read More

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Vaccine Transport | Make Vaccinations Easier | Pan-Flu Medical Cache

Safe, Qualified Transport, Not Just for Vaccine

Vaccine TransportCoolers Perfect for Fall Flu ClinicsCan’t find your cooler? Don’t want to mess with ice? Want something lighter? Need something better? The VeriCor Cool Cube™ is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. But the main thing is…it works. Three super-cool features (the user-friendly case, the high-performance insulation, and the slick-removable panels) are Read More