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Single biggest challenge | MedKits for Emergency Response | A Complete Alternate Care Site System

Single biggest challenge Hello, medical professionals! Section "A" gives you a chance to vent, so please click if it pertains to you. Section "B" talks about MedKits—unique, care-specific medical kits for responders. Section "C" relates to a medical community's disaster preparedness plan. As always, have a productive week! To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections Read More
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Vaccine Transport | Make Vaccinations Easier | Pan-Flu Medical Cache

Safe, Qualified Transport, Not Just for Vaccine

Vaccine TransportCoolers Perfect for Fall Flu ClinicsCan’t find your cooler? Don’t want to mess with ice? Want something lighter? Need something better? The VeriCor Cool Cube™ is growing in popularity for a number of reasons. But the main thing is…it works. Three super-cool features (the user-friendly case, the high-performance insulation, and the slick-removable panels) are Read More

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30 Days Left – Get Creative | Vaccine/Blood Transport | Deal With the Mess

30 Days Left

30 Days Left – Get Creative!Fill Response Plan GapsWith 30 days left to obligate PHEP/HPP money, it’s time to either use it or lose it. Is there a gap in the preparedness plan (i.e. bariatric supplies, pediatric care, FNSS)? What about that “wish list” of equipment (i.e. beds, storage, HICS)? Every year around this time Read More

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Cool Cube™ PCM Unmasked

Cool Cube™ PCM Unmasked – An explanation of VeriCor’s “No Ice” statement.You may not know what PCM stands for, but you are familiar with it.PCM stands for “phase change material.” The most common PCM we all encounter on a daily basis is water (yes, water is a PCM). At 0°C/32°F, water changes from one phase Read More