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High-Performance Coolers | Pan-Flu Medical Cache | MCI Response Training

High-Performance Coolers

High-Performance CoolersHigh-Performance Coolers

Simple & Effective

Temp System: PCM (phase change material)
● Optimum temperature stabilization without needing ice, electricity or buffering material.
Insulation: VIP (vacuum insulated panels)
● Maximum size-to-space ratio to decrease both bulk and weight.
Case: fabric or hard-shell (depends on model)
● User-centered design creating a pleasant cold chain management experience.

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Pan-Flu Medical CachePan-Flu Medical Cache Mitigate the Risk

Mitigate the Risk

It is difficult to predict when the next influenza pandemic will occur and how severe it will be. Wherever and whenever that happens, mitigate the effects with a VeriCor Pan-Flu Cache System. This system is ready to respond to an increased demand within a facility and/or at non-traditional sites. The Response-Friendly® approach assures that it has a compact storage footprint, is easily managed, is highly organized and will rapidly setup.

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MCI Response TrainingTrain and Exercise MCI Scenerios

Drill/Exercise a VeriCor System

When time and resources are scarce, let VeriCor professionals help out with what they know best. VeriCor training packages can alleviate the stress and time involved with leading a drill/exercise. From basic “how do I manage product?” sit-downs, to full-out MCI scenarios, VeriCor’s team will ensure that you and your staff are properly trained.

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