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4 Sizes of Coolers | Are you ready for a surge of burn patients | Trailers for Emergency Management

4 Sizes of Coolers 500 million people infected! Can you name it? The world looks very different than it did 101 years ago when that happened. For one thing, there are much better cold chain management tools (that's our small contribution). If interested in this topic, the World Health Organization has a page you should check out...Influenza: are we Read More
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Passive Technology | TMDs Improve the Cold Chain | Organized AND Mobile Supplies

Passive-Technology-Qualified Hello, medical professionals! Every have the electricity go out and have a bunch of temperature sensitive product to worry about? Check out section "A" for a simple, passive (non-electric) solution. Section "B" is in regards to the growing popularity of DDLs. Section "C" is a simple product for those needing a mobile workspace. As always, Read More
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A MedKit for Burn Care | Cool Cube™ FAQ | Mobile HICS Station


A MedKit for Burn CareMass Casualty Burn Treatment Does your facility have the assets required to respond to a mass burn casualty event? The Response-Friendly® Burn Care MedKit can fill the gaps of your inventory with supplies specialized for burn care treatment. When deployed, the Upright Medical Organizer (MC-UMO) gives medical personnel quick access to supplies Read More

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Need It Before 2018 | The Impact of Data Loggers | Vertical Medical Kits

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Need It Before 2018?We Are Here for YouSome ordering doesn’t happen until the last minute. So if a rush is needed, we may be able to help. Most of our individual products (coolers, data loggers, cases, etc.) can be found on Amazon. However, if special invoicing is needed, send us an email ( or give Read More

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Mobile Application Pack-Outs | Response-Friendly® Mobile ER | A System Ready to Respond

Cool Cubes™ - Literally!

“Cool” Coolers – Literally!Mobile Application Pack-Outs“How many gel packs do I need?” Answer: None Cool Cubes™ have thin panels that are at the “sweet spot” of the desired temperature range (4°C, 20°C, or -20°C). These panels, combined with outstanding insulation, will keep product cool (or warm) for days! No other gel packs, ice bottles or Read More