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What is a Qualified Container and Packout? | Emergency Preparedness (EP) Trailers | Staff PPE Kits

What is a Qualified Container and Packout

Hello, medical professionals!

Are you responsible for vaccine? If so, be sure to open the newsletter next week…you won’t want to miss it. (hint: the toolkit changed…A LOT!) 

For now, the topics this week include the definition of a “qualified container and packout”, what an EP trailer is (and is not), and how to have dedicated staff PPE gear on hand in case of an infectious disease outbreak. Have a productive week!

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What is a Qualified Container and Packout

A) What is a “Qualified Container and Packout?”

A term found in the CDC Storage & Handling Toolkit.

Since it is mentioned in the new toolkit ten times, the CDC thought it best to define the term in their glossary. Page 28 of the new Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit: “A type of container and supplies specifically designed for use when packing vaccines for transport. They are ‘qualified’ through laboratory testing under controlled conditions to ensure they achieve and maintain desired temperatures for a set amount of time.”

The Cool Cube™ line of PCM coolers…do they fall into this category? YES.

B) Emergency Preparedness (EP) Trailers

Mobile Incident Management

What good are preparedness supplies sitting on pallets in a warehouse 20 miles from where they are really needed? Emergency preparedness response trailers bring EP coordinators both mobility and versatility to their contingency plans. From 18′ single-axle bumper pulls loaded with equipment, to 53′ gooseneck EOCs ready to take command, VeriCor can custom build a trailer with your response scenarios in mind. But be warned…the trailers are not prebuilt skeletons ready to break down during the next deployment. These are high-quality trailers with EP details in mind (i.e. a higher ceiling for loading equipment, white boards and markers mounted on the walls, load plan maps inside the doors, etc.).  The initial customer consult is when the primary mission and secondary capabilities are discussed. Then leave it up to our team to provide you with a trailer that can be exercised and deployed in emergency situations for years to come.

Emergency Preparedness (EP) Trailers
Staff PPE Kits evd

C) Staff PPE Kits

Are you prepared for the next infectious disease outbreak?

An infectious disease will pose unique challenges that diminish your healthcare’s response to an emergency. Have on-hand, ready-and-waiting, prepositioned personal protective equipment (PPE) kits to control the spread of disease and enable the continuity of health care services. Smaller, prepackaged modules (12 and 25 single-use kits) are organized, size-labeled kits within a mobile storage case for quick deployment. The 100-contact module organizes all PPE into four mobile cases, and includes an inventory management SmartBook™ for easy rotation and handling. Customization options are available.

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