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Transport System Recommendations | Manage Casualties On-Site | A Mess of Supplies Made Ready

Transport System Recommendations
Hello, medical professionals!
If you handle vaccine and missed last week’s rundown of the changes the CDC made to its 2019 Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit, make sure read it (find it here if you accidentally deleted it).

As for the rest of you, this newsletter revisits the specific transport recommendations of the CDC, a brief synopsis of the very popular Triage & Treatment System, and help for those of you that have a mess of supplies allocated for preparedness. Have a productive week!

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Transport System Recommendations

A) In Case You Missed It…

Transport System Recommendations 

We put a friendly spin on the table found on p. 22 of the CDC Vaccine Storage and Handling Toolkit:


It really comes down to having one of two choices. A heavy, cumbersome, electrical unit OR a compact, qualified system that is maintenance free. By now you know our choice and the choice of thousands around the country. It’s a Cool Cube™!

B) Manage Casualties On-Site

Triage and treat MCI patients. 

Mass casualty incidences (MCIs) can overwhelm and disrupt a healthcare system – thus the need for preparedness. VeriCor, the emergency preparedness experts, make a triage and treatment system that is ready to deploy on a moment’s notice. This intuitive, color-coordinated, mobile system of supplies provides secondary triage and definitive treatment for a surge of 100 patients. Managers like it because it’s easy to maintain. Responders like it because it can deploy anywhere with the right supplies in the right place. Click to learn more and then give us a call to talk about how this wonderful system can help you! 866-469-6019

Manage Casualties On-Site
A Mess of Supplies Made Ready

C) A Mess of Supplies Made Ready

“VeriCor’s cache conversion process is worth it!”

 Sometimes emergency preparedness supplies don’t get the attention they need in order to be ready for use. Expired, unorganized, damaged, recalled…any number of things can hinder a response for when it is needed most. VeriCor’s Medical Cache Conversion process converts a mess of supplies into a ready-to-respond system that is organized and manageable, so that when an event happens you will be ready.

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