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Keeping Vaccines Safe in Rural Clinics | Discover the Cool Cube | Reliable Replenishment Options

Keeping Vaccines Safe in Rural Clinics

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In this biweekly issue:

🏁 Bridging the Last Mile
🆒 The Secret to Safe Temperatures
🗃 Post-COVID Challenges
🦺 Chaos in Your Cache?

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Keeping Vaccines Safe in Rural Clinics

A) Bridging the Last Mile

Keeping Vaccines Safe in Rural Clinics

Sarah, a public health nurse, drives for hours down a dusty road, a cooler filled with life-saving vaccines strapped securely in the back of her van. Reaching a remote town, she sets up a temporary clinic, her expertise ensuring even the most isolated communities have access to critical immunizations. But Sarah faces a silent threat: temperature. Vaccines, particularly those for the flu, COVID-19, and shingles, require… (continue reading)

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A) The Secret to Safe, 3-Day Temperature Control

Watch Now and Discover the Cool Cube™

Once you try a Cool Cube™, you’ll never go back!

  • Safe – the temperature you want.
  • Easy – simple pack-out.
  • Reliable – 3+ days.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Replenishing EP Supplies

B) Post-COVID Challenges?

VeriCor Provides Reliable Replenishment Options

Ensure your Response-Friendly™ preparedness system is well-stocked. We offer pre-packaged supplies, location tags, and an updated SmartBook™. Our on-site replenishment services can save you valuable time and labor by doing the work for you. Contact VeriCor at 608-526-6901 for details.

Have a Mess of Supplies

C) Chaos in Your Cache?

Seconds Matter in Emergencies

Chaotic medical supplies impede response times in emergencies. VeriCor’s Response-Friendly™ Cache Conversion transforms disorganized caches into readily deployable systems, ensuring faster, more effective care.

Swift Response: Find vital equipment instantly.
Improved Care: Save time, save lives.
Reduced Stress: Focus on patients, not frantic searches.

Ready to optimize? Click the image for details, or contact VeriCor today for immediate assistance.

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