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Burn Care Kit | Upgrade the Cold Chain | EP Response Trailers

Burn Care Surge On-Site Patient Treatment

Burn Care Kit Prepackaged Mobile Treatment Burn care is a priority within ASPR’s 2017-2022 Health Care Preparedness and Response Capabilities. Page 52 – Activity 6 states, “All hospitals should be prepared to receive, stabilize, and manage burn patients.” The Response-Friendly® Burn Care MedKit is a simple, comprehensive medical kit with a small storage footprint yet Read More

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Flexible Pack-Out | Mobile HICS Cart | EP Response Trailers

Incident Response Trailers Mobile Emergency Management

Flexible Pack-OutIncrease Capacity / Decrease WeightCool Cubes™ have remarkable insulation. Because of this fact, many customers choose not to utilize all six 4°C cooling panels. For instance, the VT-100 will hold a 2-8°C range for a lab validated 76+ hours with all the panels surrounding the payload. That same unit packed out with only one Read More