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Flu Clinic Planning Tips – Download

Download the Flu Clinic Planning Tips – White Paper

[one-half-first][wpfilebase tag=file id=164 tpl=thumbnail2 /][/one-half-first] [one-half]Three of VeriCor’s product lines will help simplify the entire vaccination process and prevent cold chain incidences:

  1. Vaccine Transporters – Specialized coolers that don’t use gel packs,Cool-Cube™ 50 & 420 Vaccine-Transporters ice packs, or electricity, yet hold required temperatures for 60+ hours. Certified thermometers available.
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  3. Nursing Workstations – Rolling workstations with integrated table, drawers, bins, and an under-the-counter refrigerator (no freezer).Vaccination PP
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  5. Vaccination Kits – Complete, organized systems of vaccination supplies; just add staff and vaccine. It’s as easy as: store, transport, setup.500 Vaccination Go-Bag
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Simplify Vaccinations

Tips and products to streamline clinics.

So far this year we have done four emails on how to get ready for fall flu clinics (if you missed them, Part 1 is here, Part 2 is here, & Part 3 is here). Now we are offering the white paper that gives you the planning tips in its entirety. There are no hidden sign-ups or forms you need to fill out. But if you do have any feedback about the tips we have compiled (good or bad), feel free to share that with us. Click here to download the “Flu Clinic Planning Tips” white paper. However, if you want just the current “To-Do List”, here it is…

Planning A Flu Clinic (Part 5)


  • Attend Medicare roster billing training and any reimbursement training.
  • Program for Medicare Members training.
  • Pick up supplied vaccine from regional office.
  • Receive privately purchased vaccine from the manufacturer.
  • Notify police, EMT, traffic enforcement (for large clinics).
  • Fill in required information (vaccine name, manufacturer, lot #, date vaccine administered, date VIS given, date on VIS, and clinic/office address) on Adult Vaccine Administration Record. (Leave name of vaccine administrator blank.) Make copies.
  • Prepare signs and posters.
  • Send press release to media outlets
  • Send clinic information to city/town Web site.
  • Organize supplies into convenient bundles for transport to clinics.
  • Organize printed materials for transport to clinics.