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Flu Clinic Planning Tips – Part 4

Flu Clinic Planning Tips Part 4Flu Clinic Planning Tips Part 4



  • Request/confirm space, especially school space.
  • Contact custodians and communicate needs.
  • Communicate current key information to nursing staff, including instructors of student nurses.
  • Prepare name tags and thank-you gifts for volunteers.
  • Arrange for refreshments for clinic volunteers.
  • Prepare press release, including dates and locations of clinics.


Three of VeriCor’s product lines will help simplify the entire vaccination process and prevent cold chain incidences:

  1. Vaccine Transporters – Specialized coolers that don’t use gel packs, ice packs, or electricity, yet hold required temperatures for 60+ hours. Certified thermometers available.
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  2. Vaccination Kits – Complete, organized systems of vaccination supplies; just add staff and vaccine. It’s as easy as: store, transport, setup.
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  3. Nursing Workstations – Rolling workstations with integrated table, drawers, bins, and an under-the-counter refrigerator (no freezer).
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***Part 5: Coming September***