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Cool Cube Longevity | Vaccine Transport for VFC Providers | Medical Cases for Every Emergency

Ensure your Cool Cube™ has a long life

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✔ Cool Cube™ Longevity
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🦺 From Storage to Deployment
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Ensure your Cool Cube™ has a long life

A) Cool Cube™ Longevity

Insights for Extended Use and Peak Performance

We are fielding increasing inquiries regarding the extended use of Cool Cube™ units. Our experience indicates that many Cool Cube™ units have proven remarkably durable and continue to perform well over time. By following recommended maintenance procedures and implementing best practices, you can optimize the performance of your Cool Cube™ PCM cooler and maximize its lifespan. For further information on extending the service life of your Cool Cube™ and guidance on inspection and validation for prolonged use, please refer to our blog post “Inspecting and Validating a Cool Cube™ PCM Cooler.”

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A VFC Compliant Solution for Safe Transport

A) Safeguarding Children’s Health

Reliable Vaccine Transport for VFC Providers

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program ensures all children have access to essential immunizations by providing free vaccines to those who qualify. To maintain vaccine efficacy and provide optimal protection against disease, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) mandates proper transportation and storage. VFC-compliant solutions, such as Cool Cube™ PCM coolers, are reliable for adhering to these guidelines. These innovative coolers utilize phase change material (PCM) panels to maintain consistent temperatures for over three days, even in extreme conditions. The interchangeable PCM panels also allow for precise temperature control across various ranges, all without relying on electricity. This ensures the safe transport of vaccines, making Cool Cube™ PCM coolers a valuable tool for VFC providers.

If you haven’t already, watch this 113-second explainer video to see the simplicity and effectiveness of Cool Cube™ PCM Coolers.

Casing for Preparedness Supplies

B) From Storage to Deployment

Medical Cases for Every Emergency Scenario

VeriCor equips emergency preparedness professionals with a comprehensive suite of durable medical cases. From secure storage containers to mobile organizers and deployable workstations, each VeriCor case prioritizes both meticulous organization and superior protection. Ensure uninterrupted care during any crisis – contact VeriCor today to optimize your emergency response.

Mobile Nursing Station

C) VeriCor Workstations Simplify Setup

Enhance Workflow for Mobile Vaccination Clinics

Streamline your mobile vaccination operations and elevate patient care with VeriCor workstations. These innovative workstations address the challenges of managing supplies in a mobile environment. Imagine: effortlessly organized stainless steel drawers for quick access to essentials, integrated glove holders for improved hygiene, and a mobile platform designed to optimize workflow. VeriCor workstations ensure effortless setup and execution, allowing your team to focus on delivering vital immunizations. Contact VeriCor today at 608-526-6901 to discover how our workstations can revolutionize your mobile vaccination clinics.

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