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30 Days Left – Get Creative | Vaccine/Blood Transport | Deal With the Mess

30 Days Left

30 Days Left – Get Creative!30 Days Left - Get Creative

Fill Response Plan Gaps

With 30 days left to obligate PHEP/HPP money, it’s time to either use it or lose it. Is there a gap in the preparedness plan (i.e. bariatric supplies, pediatric care, FNSS)? What about that “wish list” of equipment (i.e. beds, storage, HICS)? Every year around this time we help fill the gaps of customers like you in order to build a more resilient nation. What can we do for you? Call us (# below) or click to learn more. Let’s get creative together!

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Vaccine/Blood TransportVaccine/Blood Transport

Alternatives to the DIY Madness

Vaccine/blood transport — a necessity that in many instances ends up being a DIY project. The shopping, testing, validating, training and other headaches associated with figuring out a cooler and pack-out system can be overwhelming, not to mention costly if things don’t go right. That’s why we created Cool Cubes™. They’re easy: one quick pack-out for all seasons. They’re qualified: lab validated under ISTA 7D. They’re safe: no ice yet lasts for days.

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Deal With the MessConvert a Cache into a System

Convert a “Cache” into a System

Expired? Organized? Recalled? If something happened today, is the hospital or emergency team’s cache of equipment and supplies ready to enhance/expand the delivery of disaster care while waiting for federal emergency assistance? If not, it can be. With hard work and attention to detail, VeriCor’s Medical Cache Conversion process converts the customer’s mess of supplies into an organized, ready-to-respond system that is now easily managed.

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