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Single biggest challenge | MedKits for Emergency Response | A Complete Alternate Care Site System

Single biggest challenge Hello, medical professionals! Section "A" gives you a chance to vent, so please click if it pertains to you. Section "B" talks about MedKits—unique, care-specific medical kits for responders. Section "C" relates to a medical community's disaster preparedness plan. As always, have a productive week! To help you scan topics faster, here are the sections Read More
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30 Days Left – Get Creative | Vaccine/Blood Transport | Deal With the Mess

30 Days Left

30 Days Left – Get Creative!Fill Response Plan GapsWith 30 days left to obligate PHEP/HPP money, it’s time to either use it or lose it. Is there a gap in the preparedness plan (i.e. bariatric supplies, pediatric care, FNSS)? What about that “wish list” of equipment (i.e. beds, storage, HICS)? Every year around this time Read More